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What we believe

Pollinator Prairie Patch

We need beauty in our lives - gardens are one way to fulfill that… we would love to provide you with native plants to make that happen!


Gardens should be more than just beautiful spaces. They are not meant to be sterile environments - gardens should be vibrating with life. Colors, shapes, texture as well as butterflies, bees and beetles add charm and radiance. They bring gardens alive.


All tiny creatures - some we call pollinators - need a shelter, food, place to call their home. And your garden, whether big or small, can be just that - all you have to do is plant plants that are indigenous to this area.


Pollinator Prairie Patch has a passion for urban habitats and native plants. We are located in Chicago.


We imagine a future where Chicagoland is full of attractive places that benefits both people and nature. We dare to dream of habitat on every corner, front and back yard like, at large campuses and small balconies.


At Pollinator Prairie Patch we believe that no space is too small, every effort counts, and everyone can make a difference, collectively helping our planet.


We believe in the local economy, growing things sustainably, supporting our community.


We want to assist you in making a difference where you live but also work, play and worship - in your own footprint. By planting plants native to Chicagoland in the spaces where you reside you will 

- beautify the space and make it more welcoming

- provide food, shelter and home for butterflies (like the monarch butterfly), bees, birds, beetles and many others 

- purify water and keep it out of sewers when the heavy rains come (native plants have deep roots that absorb water and slowly return it to the ground)

- purify air

- help to fight climate change by capturing carbon (yup, those really long roots again)

- lessen the effects of urban heat island 

- be part of a local revolution


Let’s dig in!

Use of plastics 

Green industry has a plastics problem! We try to address it, but to be honest it is hard to be plastic free... 

We reuse our materials, try to utilize household items and refuse plastics whenever possible.


Your plants might even come in a newspaper made container, ready to plant so we could use the pots again. We hope you don’t mind when your seedlings come wrapped ready to be planted with the paper pot.

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